A three-motored rocket is set to launch at some point this term (name 'Triple Fail')! Expected height of quite high.

Hello, and welcome to the Kesgrave High School Space Club website. We will have regular up-dates on current affairs in our space club and international space news such as new rockets, space missions and new space photographs. We have PowerPoint presentations every so often which you can download from the Presentations page.

Triple rocket set to launch on during Spring Term! It contains three C-motors (they're the powerful ones).

Check out our news page for cool new stuff, and see our history.

We also have a blogs page so that members of our club can post whatever they want to say on the website.

We launch lots of rockets and you can see mission reviews and weekly updates on our 'Space Club News' page.

We often meet up with neighboring high school Thomas Mills. Lately we had a mass rocket launch with them and went to the National Space Centre in Leicester.

In other news, well done for a successful first year of the space club! 

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