4TH JUNE 2009 :  There was the first ever episode of Rhys' and Michael's 'Rocket Gear' and it mainly focused on famous rockets and a large photo gallery featuring the Eagle nebula and a rocket launching. 'Space Club 1' was launched. We are competing with another school in a rocket competition so this was a test. In other news, the EU elections were today.

11TH JUNE 2009 : It was very rainy today but we still had a great presentation from George on the future of space travel. Hopefully we can get him to type something about it on our blogs page. Unfortunately, because of the weather conditions, we couldn't launch any of our rockets. Thomas Mills High School will be coming over soon for a special extended session where Steve Randall will be giving a talk. We also had a small discussion about the proposed space elevator. We also launched an A motor (not very powerful) rocket, and a C motor (powerful) rocket, reaching at least 700 feet.

18TH JUNE 2009 : It was very warm today, perfect conditions for launching a rocket. we launched a B motor rocket and a C motor shuttle. We are now having a presentation from AJ on Deep Space and Time (download it from the Presentations page). We launched our rocket, and it was very frankly, immense.

25TH JUNE 2009 : Today Thomas Mills High School came over for a huge rocket launching competition. The weather conditions were perfect for the event. We had a guest speaker, Steve Randall from the East Anglian Rocket Society (E.A.R.S.), come over to give a talk about his rockets, and we saw pictures and films from the outer atmosphere which he had taken from his helium balloons. He launched an amazing D motor rocket. Thomas Mill's rockets went well (ours were a bit less impressive but then they've been going for a year longer than us) and they made a rocket with an A motor in the form of a toy lavatory cubicle. Their biggest rocket failed miserably and crashed.

15TH JULY 2009 : This meeting a few of our members teamed up with Thomas Mills High School and went up to the National Space Centre and had a cracking time there, going through some space experiences and stuff. Worth a visit at some point.

16TH JULY 2009 : Today we had our last meeting before the summer holidays and we are going to be launching some more rockets and having a 'spacey' Dalek cake. Unfortunately, we won't have a full report because our next update is in 6 weeks time. So, for six weeks, bye!

1ST OCTOBER 2009 : Welcome back to a new term of KHS space club! Today we finished off posters for our Space Club display board so, with full speed and adrenaline, we continue Kesgrave High School's Space Club!!

8TH OCTOBER 2009: Space Club held their first ever film night in the school's very own Thomas Theater. The film was October Sky and was based on a true story of four teenagers in America who build rockets and stuff. There's a bit more to it than that but Wikipedia has the details if you're particularly interested.

15TH OCTOBER 2009: We tried (and failed) to launch our triple rocket. It is three 12" rockets Sellotaped together, each one with C-motors in. Turns out all the ignitors had gone out so the launch was a fail.

22ND OCTOBER 2009: Today we had Rhys' presentation on rockets, and we launched two of them (rockets, that is, not Rhyses or presentations). Rob's homemade ignitors failed, but our last two succeeded.

5TH NOVEMBER 2009: Today was Firework Night. Sadly, it was soaking so the three-motored rocket could not launch meaning no fireworks of our own and no utter failures. Shame.

12TH NOVEMBER 2009: Mr. Knights blew things up in some rocket fuel experiments. He even put methane gas in our hands then blew it up! BANG!

19TH NOVEMBER 2009: Another visit from Steve Randall from E.A.R.S., telling us about his appearances on Bang Goes the Theory and sending Pudsey into space for Children in Need with helium balloons. He also helped us with our project to send our own helium balloons up and take aerial pictures. The triple rocket, dubbed by Will 'Triple Fail', is set to launch next week.

28TH JANUARY 2010: Quiz night. Had some interesting answers (Q: How many moons does Pluto have? A: Mr Green) but 'Team Mediocre' won in the end. Triple Fail launch postponed to Easter.

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